Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One for All & All for Hanes

I would love to have the opportunity to win some Hanes attire for my kids! Lucky blogger, Skimbaco Lifestyle, is a social media influencer for the Hanes Comfort who interacts with Hanes about clothing, comfort and online community. Very fortunate for her, she gets to review the clothes, and her beautiful children are models for the upcoming summer ‘10 catalog! Her and her family attended the Hanes Comfort Crew kick off trip to DisneyWorld earlier this year, too! Talk about being in the IN! So, I am hoping that writing about my desire to be a blogger for the Hanes Comfort Crew. Here are pictures of my four kids...really, we could totally check out the Hanes line...and my kids are adorable! :) ~Well, I think so...

Madelyn ~ age 2 1/2
Cole ~ age 8 months
Nathaniel ~ almost 11 years old
and Caleb ~ age 4.

Thanks to Skimbaco for hosting a giveaway for a Hanes $50 gift card! I am hoping to win that to get some new clothes for my kids!

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Gretchen said...

Of course, your kids should get to be models. :) They are very adorable. Good luck!!!