Saturday, September 19, 2009

Nursing in style with BOOB!

It can be a challenge finding the "right" tops to wear when you are a nursing mom. I like to be discreet when I am nursing in public, and covering up is essential to me. I was amazed with the tops that I got from BOOB design~ the tops are made with such quality, and superior design! I love how easy I can feed Cole, no hassle! These tops have one straight opening for both sides. I really like that the inside opening is up high, so your shirt doesn't have a line across your (ahem...chest). So many other nursing tops, LOOK like nursing tops, and I don't think the Boob label tops do. Here is a picture of me wearing the Poppy top, and I love this top!

I don't think anyone can tell this is a nursing top, and it is so comfortable. This shirt wears and washes great! I highly recommend this top to all you nursing moms! The fit is so comfortable!
With winter coming into season, I would recommend the B Warmer nursing hoodie from Boob! I got the poppy color hoodie for review, and I rave over the design of this top, too! The B Warmer is made with extra material across the chest line to keep you warmer in the winter. When you are producing milk for your baby, you can be extra sensitive to warm and cold~ especially the cold. So, the Boob line will keep you warmer, and more comfortable. Again, this is another top that I would highly recommend to nursing moms, especially if you are in a cold winter climate! The B Warmer is so comfortable, wears great and washes well. I love this top!
About the company:
Mia Seipel, founder of Boob, was inspired to start the collection in the autumn of 1999 watching her sister nurse her newborn. Boob Nursing is a Swedish patented innovation, and is made to last! Boob offers clothing for the nursing mother, as well as the pregnant mom! Check out their website: Boob design.

This review was written based on my own opinion and use. I was given product to review from the company, in return for a written review, and to thank me for my time and efforts. I was not paid for this review.

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