Saturday, January 10, 2009

Update on Pregnancy

I had an appointment on Friday to check the amniotic fluids. I had an ultrasound, and according to that, the fluids were great! I was much relieved to hear that. Baby is doing great, and the heartbeat was strong. Doctor said I am dilated to a 2, and not too much had changed since Tuesday. Because of my history with low to no amniotic fluid on the due date, we are set up to go to the hospital on Tuesday morning to get the process going. Am I happy to induce? Not especially. I do wish that I could have this baby all natural, no induction, just my body naturally going into labor. I am still hoping (and praying) that I will naturally go this weekend or Monday. It is very likely!! With the ultrasound, the Technician said that the cervix is narrowing/thinning down from the inside, and that is super! I think I should clean the house tomorrow, and maybe that will help me along. Of coarse, my hubby has an agenda to help me out, too. So, hopefully we can be more natural with this labor.
What the doctor is going to do is have a pill put in to "ripen" my cervix, which will soften it. This should start the labor process. I had this done with Madelyn, and it is not a pleasant experience. It did put me into labor, and things moved rather quickly with her. I am hoping the results will be similar with this labor. (IF I don't go naturally, of coarse).
So, Tuesday morning is the start of a big day. If you can, please pray for me, and our baby. Pray that my body will go into labor on its own the next few days so we don't have to help the labor process. Please pray that the baby stays healthy, strong and is born without complications. Pray that I have the strength and rest needed for this delivery. Thanks so much! I will keep you posted as best as I can.


Alicia said...

Oh sarah, it is just getting to be so very close now! You are in my prayers as you always are. I pray that the Lord would prepare and allow this sweet baby to come naturally for you. I hope you are able to also get some much needed rest before things pick up. This is so exciting and just remember, God will bring this baby in His timing whether it is naturally or with some help. I cant wait to see what you are having and how everything goes! It does indeed sound like your body is making progress with the dialation and that is great news!!

I hope you have a great weekend...sounds like this is your last weekend with just three kiddos!! How exciting!!

Hugs to you!

Momma Mango said...

So excited for you! :) Praying for a healthy baby, born with as few "interventions" as necessary, and peace and rest for you!
Also, praying that Maddie is feeling better! (Ethan had pneumonia twice before he was 2, and asthma... ick, it's scary, I know! I imagine it's scarier with a newborn due any day!)

Jenn said...

I hope everything goes great, I have to go to the doc tues morn but I will be checking in as soon as I get home !

jpandtheboys said...

**hugs** praying for you my friend.
miuch love.

Stephanie said...

I didn't realize you were so "close" to your due date already! It sounds like your sweet baby will be here before you know.

I'm praying that you'll go into labor naturally ASAP (if you haven't already). You could always try walking A LOT and eating super spicy chili. Hey! It worked for me! :)