Monday, January 5, 2009

Two great kid movies coming out tomorrow!

Releasing tomorrow, January 6th, two great DVD's from HIT Entertainment and Lionsgate Productions comes the next grand adventures of Bob the Builder's Race To The Finish and Barney's Once Upon a Dino's Tale. These full-length movies have never been seen before and they are educational and entertaining!
Race to the Finish is an action packed DVD starring Bob and his business partner Wendy. They have brought in two new machines, Gripper and Grabber to help them finish construction on a brand new sports stadium. Along with the two new machines, the Can-Do Crew works together to build the sports stadium. The Sunflower Valley Games were recently announced and Bob and his Can-Do Crew need some new help, so they bring in a new crane and a new excavator. The ATV Scrambler is busy training the athletes, but the Crew is busy trying to adjust to new members and finish the stadium. Will they be successful on both fronts? This is an especially good episode as it plays off of some of the excitement that the Olympics created.
This DVD also contains some special features, such as a Ready, Set, Race! read along story about a race car and the diary of Roary the Race Car about the time he crashed and had to overcome his fears and anxieties to race again.
As with all of Bob the Builder episodes, this DVD movie is about the important of teamwork and good friendships. Bob teaches us all important lessons and makes a great addition to the shows for your child's enjoyment. This DVD is available at for $14.98.
Once Upon a Dino Tale is about Barney and all of his friends traveling on a magical adventure through a world of fairy tales. Princess Rosey decides that she is going to have a party and wants her jester, Jingles, to gather up the very best of them from near and far. Barney and his friends want to help too, so they share the stories they love and end up reliving them. The stories included in this DVD are Alice In Wonderland, The Fisherman And His Wife, Cinderella, The Emperor’s Contest, The Lion And The Mouse and Princess Pumpernickel.
As a special feature, this DVD also includes a sing-along jukebox, where you can play the different songs found on this DVD and then sing along with them. This show brings us a very interesting and original take on some of the classic fairy tales we have all grown up knowing. Barney episodes reveal a whole lot of education and positive character building. Barney has always been great about teaching on friendship, self-worth, teamwork, safety and many other issues. This DVD is available at for $14.98.
HIT Entertainment is one of the world’s leading independent children’s entertainment producers and has teamed up with 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment to release a whole set of child content and themed DVD boxed sets. HIT is the home of popular children's entertainment properties such as Bob the Builder, Barney, Thomas & Friends, Pingu, Fireman Sam, Angelina Ballerina, and more! HIT delivers engaging and inspiring content on TV, online, on-stage, in DVD's and through books.

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Joyful Noise said...

Dan doesn't like Barney but I might have to take a look at the Bob.

Hope that you are feeling are in my prayers...only a couple more days before LNO! :)