Thursday, January 22, 2009

Truvia: Nature's Calorie-Free Sweetener!

I love sugar, natural and pure sugar, but I know that with eating sugar, comes calories. I am not a fan of artificial sweeteners, especially since there are so many chemicals in them. I get concerned about what those chemicals do to me, and with being a nursing mom, I am concerned how those chemicals affect my newborn.
I was thrilled to try the new natural sweetener called Truvia! Truvia is made with rebiana, the best tasting part of the Stevia leaf (natural nature sweetness). Stevia is a plant (specifically, a member of the chrysanthemum family) native to portions of northeastern Paraguay. It has been used to sweeten foods and beverages for more than 200 years.

Truvia natural sweetener is refreshingly uncomplicated. Sprinkle it on your grapefruit. Spoon it in your coffee. It won't end up on your conscience or your thighs.

One packet of Truvia natural sweetener provides the same sweetness as two teaspoons of sugar.

Truvia natural sweetener is a great alternative for people with diabetes. It is also kosher certified.

Another ingredient in Truvia is Erythritol, a sugar alcohol, a carbohydrate found naturally in several fruits like grapes and pears. Erythritol doesn't lead to tooth decay, is safe for people with diabetes and in reasonable amounts does not lead to gastrointestinal side effects (in other words, no gas or bloating). Tasting Truvia by itself isn't so much appealing, but it tastes great when used in place of sugar. There isn't any bitter or bad after taste. I love how pure and natural it is without the calorie intake. This will be a product I will use in my efforts to lose the baby weight.
Coca-Cola Co., the world's largest soft drink maker, and Cargill Inc. say a natural sweetener from the stevia plant, is said to be 200 times sweeter than sugar and safe for humans. One packet of Truvia is equal to two teaspoons of sugar.
Cargill has made it possible that Truvia can be found at your local grocery store nationwide, and Truvia natural sweetener is also available at Whole Foods Market. At this time, Truvia is available as individual packets. I say, give Truvia a try! You will be happy with the taste, and your hips will not reap the consequences of sugar calories. Thanks Mom Central for making it possible for me to try out this great sweetener from nature!

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