Friday, June 18, 2010

Protect yourself this summer with Doc Martins Maui!

Having been diagnosed with Melanoma last year (skin cancer) I am extra cautious about applying sunscreen on myself, as well as my kids, before heading out to play. It can be a challenging task finding the right type of sunscreen, and one that works great!
I was recently able to review Doc Martin's of Maui sunscreen, developed by Maui Dermatologist George M. Martin, M.D. I was very impressed with this sunscreen. I really liked that it wasn't super thick and white paste. Actually, when I applied the sunscreen, it was like putting on lotion, but it was clear and smooth. I really liked how the Doc Martin's of Maui smelt, too. It was a beach scent, and I loved it!
Creator, George M. Martin, M.D., spent two decades of product research and development to create Doc Martins. "It is superior because of the unique agent which bonds directly to the skin (epidermal cells) creating an armor of protection from damaging rays of the sun.
As an avid surfer himself, Dr. Martin has worked with other surfers, windsurfers, swimmers, cyclists, tennis and golf players in creating "Doc Martins of Maui" to the specs of that active lifestyle. The results represent some of the most significant advances in sunscreen technology in recent years. Even after hours in the water, it does not have to be re-applied, and it will not run into the eyes no matter how hard you sweat.
From tow surfing giant waves all day at "Jaws" off the coast of Maui, to climbing Mt Everest, Doc Martin's sunscreen is specifically formulated to protect. Doc Martin's sunscreen is heralded by enthusiasts from extreme athletes to concerned Moms and skin cancer survivors." (taken from the Doc Martin's website)
Doc Martins of Maui has a SPF 30 and is PABA Free, plus it is MEGA Waterproof, even with hand washing. It is also UVA and UVB Protection!
Doc Martins holds a SPF 20 even after 6 hours in the water
Another bonus is, Doc Martins won't run into eyes! I have found it to be a great sunscreen that is great to put on those wiggly toddlers. I am always afraid of getting sunscreen in their eyes, mouth or ears. I love that the Doc Martins will not run or seep into their eyes.
You can purchase your Doc Martins for $13.00. I recommend this great sunscreen for you and your family!
This review was provided from Doc Martins of Maui. They have provided me with a sunscreen to review and information to share with my readers. I was given the product for my personal opinion and option to share with my readers. I was not compensated for my time or written review.

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George Martin MD said...

Raising blond haired blue eyed children on Maui w/ the year-round intense sunlight I needed to protect them from the risk of skin cancers particularly melanoma. It had to protect, last all day after one application (tracking them down on the beach to reapply wasn't feasible) and couldn't run into their eyes or they'd never use it again. I hope that you will try Doc Martin's sunblock and experience the difference. Warmest aloha from Maui, "Doc" Martin