Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nathaniel is so creative and inventive

Nathaniel loved to be outside by the lake in the summer. He was outside for sometime yesterday, and I really wasn't sure what he was doing. I trust him being outdoors, and he usually finds something to do, whether that is fishing, looking for frogs, or something else. Well, yesterday he was busy being creative and inventive. Look what he made~ he made a dock and a raft out of reeds. My hubby and I were pretty impressed with what he came up with. At the time he had his pet salamander outside, so he had made these for "Sally." Nathaniel has had that pet for 4 years. He got the salamander from his great grandma's window well the summer we moved into our house. He has kept his salamander in an aquarium with dirt and water. In the summer he digs up worms, and in the winter we buy worms from the bait and tackle store. It has been a fun pet for him. Anyway, I had to post about his raft and dock he made because it was pretty cool.

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TopazTook said...

Cool! I thought that was paint when I first saw the picture; am even more impressed to find out it was made from weeds.