Thursday, June 17, 2010

Madelyn is three~

I know that I am way behind on posting about Madelyn turning three, and actually I did Cole's turning 1 on her birthday. I do have to post about Caleb turning 5, too. Ahhh, the life of a Mom is never boring or ahead of the game. However, I want to make sure that I write a post for each kid when they reach another year. So, to Madelyn...
Madelyn is, for the most part, a very "girly girl"...she loves the princess, make up, finger nail polish, shoes and dresses...but she also loves to get into the dirt and play. She really isn't a fan of her hands getting dirty, but that annoyance really doesn't apply when she is out in the mud. This spring Madelyn, her siblings, and some of her friends had a great time playing in the dirt, which lead to mud, and ended up in the tub. It was great fun!

Daddy brought home flowers for his littlest sweetheart on her third birthday. Can a mom be jealous of her daughter? :) I was OK with it, because I thought it was totally sweet that he thought to bring flowers to his little girl for her birthday.

Last summer we went to the Minnesota Zoo, and Madelyn loved the sheep. She was so excited to be at the farm at the zoo because she could pet & feed the animals. Madelyn is a big animal lover....cats, dogs, sheep, cows, horse, name it, she "needs" one of them. (that's what she tells us).

Along the topic of loving animals, to start of the spring/summer, Madelyn had a little baby Warbler bird land on her head. It was super crazy to walk out and see a bird on top of Madelyn's head. The little bird didn't want to leave, either.
Madelyn loves to dress up in clothes. I think dress up and playing mom is her favorite thing to do. She played dress up at her friend, Claudia's house.
I think she looks like Cinderella in this picture...I just think she is adorable!
Madelyn got out of the bathtub a month (or so) ago, and she wanted to comb her own hair. So, I handed her the comb and she did this:
She was holding her chin to comb her hair, because sometimes I hold her chin to comb her hair. I think that is so cute!
Here are some of the things Madelyn does: She knows her numbers, colors, shapes, how to jump on one foot, how to climb, slide, and how to do the splits (I know...ouch!). I hope to get her in a gymnastic class and/or ballet class. She is very flexible, graceful and tiny. She can literally run in heels, and run up/down the stairs in them. She loves to copy what Mom does...and is requesting my make up. She is really starting to use her imagination, because today she came up the stairs saying she was going to bring her sister with. I asked her what she meant, and she held up her doll and asked if she could bring her sister with. No, she does NOT want a little sister (I asked her), and NO we aren't planning on any more kiddos. :) (for now anyway) She loves to be with Caleb, and that is her buddy. If she sees something neat, is going to eat or watch something, or for any other reason, she calls Caleb so he doesn't miss out on it. Madelyn loves when we snuggle her, and if she had it her way, she would sleep in our bed every night. She loves to hold our hand, be hugged/kissed, or any kind of affection. She is so much sugar and a bit of spice. I just keep thinking God has something big planned for her someday.
She is full of life and loves to have a great time. She is all about fun and playing with her siblings, cousins and friends. We were at a friend's house this summer and she was rolling down the hill (well, Madelyn rolled sideways).
Madelyn is a silly girl, and loves to make people giggle. She has a pretty contagious giggle and many people laugh with her when they hear her laugh.
Happy (belated) Birthday to my little princess. I am so thankful to be chosen to be your mom. You are a precious blessing, and I pray that you will honor God with all you do. I love you dolly!


TopazTook said...

Happy birthday, Madelyn! Three is a wonderful age.

Joyful Noise said...

She is a princess...what a fun post and great pics....