Monday, January 18, 2010

Thinking about Valentine's Day? Drop a HINT...

“Hint Cards” from the California Cut Flower Commission is a great way to give a "hint" about getting some flowers. I reviewed a set of hint cards (SEE HERE), and I thought they were a fun, and clever way to let someone know you would love to get some cards. I love getting flowers, and sometimes getting the hint can be a challenge. Well, with hint cards, you can just stick them in a wallet, a lunch box, on the dash...just about anywhere.

Here is where you can find Hint Cards today:
· Online at where you can send them virtually to anyone who needs a little reminding to buy you flowers.
· OR...If you’re travelling to California or Nevada anytime soon, you’ll find Hint Cards at Safeway, Vons and Pavilions grocery stores. They’ll be included with the purchase of a California-grown bouquet and also available for purchase separately.

You can learn more about Hint Cards here, and you can also find the California Cut Flower Commission online: Facebook Twitter @caflowers YouTube. These hint cards are a great way to get the hint across...check them out! :)

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