Monday, January 25, 2010

Monster Jam at the Metrodome 2010!

Our family had the opportunity to go see the Monster trucks for the Monster Jam at the Metrodome 2010! It was a super show, and we greatly enjoyed the show! I had never been to a Monster Truck show, but I have wanted to go see them since I was a young child. The trucks are HUGE and it is impressive the things they can do.
My husband and I brought our oldest, Nathaniel and his best friend, and our second oldest, Caleb to the show.

Dad and Caleb giving thumbs up! Caleb was so excited to see the Monster trucks, "AT THE METRODOME!"
Nathaniel and his friend had a blast! They really enjoyed the show. Nathaniel's friend said he went to a show a few years ago, but this show was the best!

We missed the Pit Party. We had tickets to go to the Pit Party, and I wish we could have made it, but unfortunately we couldn't get down there for the 2-5 PM show. We got to the Dome at 6:15. Our seats were really close. The stadium had the first 8 rows taped off all around the arena (for safety measures) and we were in row 10! So, we were really close to the action! I was highly impressed with the seats! At first, there were people racing their RC cars and many people can enter to be apart of the Monster Jam just by signing up (for their cars to race). It was fun to see how high the RC cars could fly. Next came the car roll overs. These cars drove fast to hit a jump to see how many times they could roll. It was fun to watch this!

Some of the cars rolled a few times, and on two occasions, the cars drove off. That was impressive! Those cars really took a beating! If they wanted to, and were able to, the cars could try again with the roll over to get a better/higher score.
The Driver of this car was a girl. She rolled over 4 times, and impressively drove away unhurt! Needless to say, she won the contest!
The Monter trucks were huge! I thought the names and designs were neat! My favorite designs was The Felon, El Toro Loco, and Arachnaphobia.
We all had a great time! The Metrodome was packed! I recommend the ear plugs, because it was loud! I am glad we brought some along.
The main show started. All the cars came out, and each one was introduced with lights. This truck, Martial Law, is a driver from Minnesota, and he was in our corner of the stadium!

The first event the trucks had to individually compete for the best overall time for speed. Then, the trucks raced against the other ones to see who crossed the finish line first with best time. Both these events were fun and exciting to watch.
One of the well known Monster Trucks, The Grave Digger, was there, as well. He had a rough night, his truck didn't want to cooperate, and he missed a lot of the events. I felt bad for him. I am sure many of his fans were disappointed.

The first winner of the Monster Truck events was Maximum Destruction. He was a fun driver to watch. He had a lot of speed.
Those trophies were huge, and you could tell that the driver was honored to receive it.
During the intermission the gals in the truck came around to shoot t-shirts into the crowd. Caleb wanted a t-shirt so bad, but we just weren't in the right aim.

Another fun event was the trailer bashing. During this event cars were pulling trailers (of many kinds) and other cars tried to knock off other car's trailers. This was comical. One of the trailers was a jet ski, one was a couch, another was a camper, and more. It was fun to see them all on a mission to get each other.
The camper didn't fair too well, and it was pretty much in shreds by the end of the race.

Here is El Toro Loco getting some great air! It was impressive how high the trucks soared into the air!
Mechanical Mischief was one of the newer trucks to the Monster Jam.
Here is a close up of The Felon. What a cool looking truck!
Here is the Avenger! He was the winner of the end driving event ~ freestyle. This was the best to watch, in my opinion. All the trucks got to drive around, do tricks and make the best of their show! The Avenger rolled his vehicle two times, did a spin out, and lived to talk about it. I was so impressed with his show. Maximum Destruction had an amazing show, too, and he even did so much that his truck was stripped of the outside frame. Here is the winner of the freestyle event~ The Avenger! I have a video clip of the last half of his performance for you to see!

It was a very impressive show, and great to see! I was happy to get the tickets to bring our family to see it. This is a fun family event, and I highly recommend going. The show in MN was this weekend, but there are shows all over the United States! You can go see Monster Jam in your state. Go to to find out when they are coming in your area.

The tickets for Monster Jam were provided to me from Feld Entertainment for purposes for review. I was not paid for my review and the review is based on my own opinions.


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Looks like lots of fun...Dan and the boys would have loved to go.

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