Monday, November 23, 2009

Wii Games (**Approved**) for your Holiday Shopping Lists...

Looking for a video game to give someone for Christmas? Here are a few that I have recently received to review, and I recommend them (so do my kids)!

MySims Agents
This game starts out with you as a secret agent. You create your agent specialized for you, then you take on an identity. The city you are in appears normal, but underlining the city is crime, mischief and suspense. As a agent, you will need to search for clues and solve cases by balancing, jumping, climbing to where ever the case leads. At the beginning of the game, you are equipped with a crowbar, a magnifying glass and a wrench. As you gain in your experience, you will get more tools to help you on your quest to track footprints, pick locks, hack into computers and do molecular forensics. The more mysteries you solve the more well known you become and more experienced. This game is fun, because you are totally engaged in the mission of defeating the enemy and you get to go on fun adventures like: taking a private jet to reach an ancient temple, a spooky mansion and an icy mountaintop chalet. Throughout the game you are given rewards of unlocking rare items, and you also can recruit other agent MySims to help you increase your team. Your recruits can be sent out to solve cases while you continue to investigate Morcubus. This game also has from mini games included. (1 Player rated E for everyone) **My son HIGHLY recommends this game! He said it is one of his favorites!** From EA games. SRP $49.95

HASBRO FAMILY GAME NIGHT 2: Hosted by Mr. Potato Head!
Gather the family around the TV for a fun night of games galore! Up to 4 players can participate in Hasbro's Family Game Night 2. You can choose between 5 games in two different modes (classic and the new version) of play. This game is a sequel to the award winning Family Game Night, and with the new FGN 2 you can win and collect parts for the Mr. Golden Potato and become the ultimate show champion! You can earn new themes and trophies the more you play.
Here is what games you will find on Family Game Night 2:
OPERATION : You will have to search and find the piece needed to be removed to perform surgery on your patient. Once you find the piece, you are brought to it and you need to grab on and carefully bring the item out (between shapes).
JENGA : (This is one of my favorites!) You take your Wii remote and pull out the Jenga piece that you think may come out without toppling the tower of blocks over. The suspense is almost unbearable! Can you beat the game?
BOP-IT : You can twist it!, BOP-It!, Pull it, shout it in this game of copy. You can play this game with spoken instruction or sound instruction. Great game for concentration.
CONNECT 4x4 : All new way to play this game of 4 in a row diagonally, vertically, and horizontally.
PICTUREKA : Find the clues given in the cards laid out.
You have the option to play with your Nintendo Mii and you can even customize Mr. Potato Head. (4 player game rated E for everyone) **This is a great game to enjoy with the family. It is a great game to play for just a short time period (if you are short on time) or you can enjoy for a longer time frame.** From EA games and Hasbro. SRP$39.95

Set with an all new cast of quirky pets and their best friends, you can enjoy this game with your favorite LPS friends. Loaded with new mini-games like: Busy Bakers, Wags and Tags, Kibble Cups and Strike a pose.
Busy Bakers: Order up! Fill your pets' orders using the different colored bone shaped cakes, fillings and toppings.
Wags and Tags: Tag, you're it (and you don't want to be it). Try to stay away from the pet who is it. The longer you can prevent getting tagged, the more points you get.
Kibble Cups: Keep your eyes glued to the cup with the yellow ball! If you are playing with a friend, their ball is purple. As the cups switch around, follow the one with your ball closely. Once the cups stop, select the one with your ball.
You can explore new towns with your favorite pets, and dress them up for the outing. Venture on quests, deliver invitations, serve up ice cream, and style your pets as you get ready for the biggest Littlest Pet Shop party of the year, you may even have an unexpected (and new) pet arrive for the festivities! In the Littlest Pet Shop Friends, you can play with your best friend! Each pet has a best friend that will help them prepare for the parties. You can also play the mini games with your best friend (in real life) creating a great co-op play feature, and if you earn a blue ribbon for an Expert game, you will unlock a new accessory to the boutiques.
(2 player game rated E for everyone). **Fun interactive game for kids.** From EA games and Hasbro. SRP$39.95

Taking care of a baby is a lot of work, good care, and demanding. My Baby First Steps is a game where the player will take care of a baby from 15 months to 30 months. You will see your babygrow, learn how to walk better, learn to speak better, and do new things. You get to put your baby to bed with a story, give him/her a bath, go shopping, dress and change your baby and more. Using the Wii remote you can hold and shake a stuffed toy to get your baby to walk across the room. Your game has two important people to help you on your journey with caring for your baby. Clara, the pediatric nurse, gives you advice to help your baby, but she is also firm if you aren't careful with your baby. George, is a pediatrician, and he follows the development of your baby since birth. He suggests the steps to take to help your baby with exercises to help him grow. The game has several places in the house you can go with your baby: living room, kitchen, bedroom, dressing room and more.
There is a progress book that you can access by opening a flower menu. This tells you all the information about your baby and profile. This tells you the time you have spent on this game, your baby's that you have cared for, number of objects your have and more. You can see all the information on your baby (weight, name, size, learning skills) In this book is also the instructions from George for the exercises you should do with your baby. **I think this game is a good game for fun. My kids enjoy this one. They like that they can pick to be a mom or dad, and what sex their baby is. They like having a "surprise" baby, too (where the computer picks which baby you have). I think it is good for kids to see what kind of things/activities are involved in taking care of babies.**
(1 player game rated E for everyone) From My Baby Village. SRP$29.99

Join the Greatest Show on Earth and bring it into your own living room! Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey just came out with a video game that brings you to the heart of the circus. In this game you will get to go clown bowling (you are the bowling ball), be a human cannonball, juggle the balls with your Wii remote and nunchuck, work in the ring with the tigers, walk the high-wire (can be played using the balance board), ride down the high wire on a unicycle and more. This game has several mini games to enjoy with a friend or alone.
You can edit what your player looks like: skin tone, clothing wear, and hair color. As you play, you will unlock special costumes as prizes. Earning Barnum Bucks you can buy costumes, food, toys and prizes (clown car, bag of peanuts, mini circus train, clown fish and more)
**This is a fun game.** This game is from 2K Play and Feld Entertainment. SRP $39.99
(2 player game rated E for everyone)

This review was sponsored by EA games, MyBabyVillage and 2K Play. They have supplied me with Wii games to sample for review and information to share with my readers. I was given the product for my personal opinion and option to share with my readers. I was not compensated for my time or written review.

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