Monday, November 2, 2009

My Baby: First Steps for Nintendo DS and Wii **coming soon!!

There is a fun new game being released tomorrow that looks so cute and fun for little girls! Most little girls love to play "mommy," and I think that the new Wii and Nintendo DS game My Baby: First Steps would be fun for them! I remember playing paper dolls when I was a little girl...and let's just say that My Baby First Steps sounds similar (but in video formation...for this generation). The game is made to represent the 21 Century Baby Doll.

Here is a tidbit of information about the new SouthPeak Games game:
My Baby: First Steps continues the journey of raising a baby at 15-months-old. You will get the challenging, yet very rewarding, task of teaching their baby how to walk, talk and more.
Your baby has grown so fast! Can you believe that a year has already gone by? Take care of your baby from their 1st birthday until they're 3 years old. Your baby will discover its entire environment and learn from it, they'll walk, babble and speak, try to catch every object they can, and put everything in their mouth... Your baby will be the apple of your eye!

Your baby looks more lifelike than ever with brand new 3D animations and reactions
Make sure that your baby has the latest trends with even more items; customize your furniture, clothes, and hair just to name a few...
With a new and improved AI your baby will react as if they were in the room with you
Innovative gameplay that is based on stylus, touch pad, voice recognition, and the microphone - not a compilation of mini-games
Interact with your baby whenever you want and experience real baby-like reactions
Watch your baby grow from both a physical and psychological point of view
My Baby Villiage has a mini game that is similar to the game coming out tomorrow, your task is to try and help your baby with naming the different body parts she points to! Make sure to pay attention because you will have to click the body parts she does in the same order. This will be great practice for all of the different skills you get to teach your baby in My Baby First Steps.
My Baby Villiage will be in stores on and offline November 3. Wii game has a SRP $39.99, and the Nintendo DS game SRP $29.99. I look forward to checking this game out more!

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