Monday, November 8, 2010

House party with fuzzoodles!

We had a House Partypalooza Fuzzoodle Party, and my kids were so excited to check out these new fun toys! The party was a success, and all the kids had a great time creating, bending, twisting, and designing their creatures!
A Pretty Pink creature....there were so many accessories to pick and choose from for each kid to make their creature exactly how they wanted.
The moms had a great time helping their kids make the creatures. We had a few instruction booklets to help us learn how to figure out how to manipulate the pieces to make creatures.
We really like how the pieces were so colorful, and that the Fuzzoodles are designed for both girls and boys. There is a great selection of eye, nose, mouth, hands, feet and other accessories to choose from.
Creating a Fuzzoodle can be a bit challenging, but with some movements you can make your creature just the way you want.
Long legs, short legs, arms or no arms....the creation can be very unique.

So many decisions, many options to choose from.
Fuzzoodles are just as much fun for kids and sparking their creativity, as well as for kids.
Each child was able to make 2-3 creatures to bring home. We each got a fun Fuzzoodle bag, too.
Trinity got a bumble bee Fuzzoodle.
I think Madelyn's girl-type Fuzzoodle looks like the bird from Chuck E. Cheese.

A colorful peacock! :)
Mr. Angry dude.
What's a house party without food? I served home made guacamole, chips, fruit cups, colorful sherbet and green juice.

The kids (and moms) all had a great time. The Fuzzoodles are a hit, and I recommend them for gifts for your kids. The Fuzzoodles spark creativity and fun for kids, and it is a great project that kids can do over and over. I like that the Fuzzoodles are re-usable, so kids can create, re-create, and make another new. Great fun, and it was a successful party! Thanks to all the moms that came with their kids to check out the the new Fuzzoodles!

This review was provided from House Partypalooza. They have provided me with Fuzzoodle kits to host for a house party, and to give away to my guests. I was also given a $10 Toys R Us gift card to give away to one of my guests. I was given the product to host a house party and to share my personal opinion and option to share with my readers. I was not compensated for my time or written review.


Qtpies7 said...

That was a fun party! The kids LOVE the Fuzzoodles!

Unknown said...

No way! Yep, we had a great time. I'd get them for a girl;)