Monday, May 3, 2010

The Pulse Slither is the Ultimate Scooter!

It is that time of year when the bikes and scooters come out! We were so excited to review the new Pulse Slither from Bravo Sports, my son couldn't wait for the snow to melt!
He rides around on his scooter constantly! He loves how easy it is to maneuver and do tricks on it. He loves to go really fast, lean into the curve and glide quickly around in another direction.
The Pulse Slither has three wheels, two bigger wheels in front, and a smaller wheel in the back. With this awesome design, the Slither makes doing cool tricks easier because you can pivot around with that back wheel and have the support of the two bigger wheels in front.
The Slither also has a great design on it. The graphics are very vibrant, plus they won’t chip or peel! The Pulse Slither is available in two dynamic color ways: Electric Blue “Skull Wing” and Toxic Green “Von Scroll.” The Slither, which retails for $59.99, is available at Target, K-Mart, Academy, AAFES, Sports Chalet, Dunhams and other select sporting goods retailers.
The Pulse Slither has a base board the size of a skateboard or snowboard, and it glides like a surf board on the waves, only you are on the sidewalks/roads. It can be ridden facing forward or standing to one side and is propelled by “slithering” from side to side or by pushing with your foot, opening up even more trick possibilities. The rudder-like rear wheel with variable tension gives the rider the freedom to drift in and out of turns, zip around corners, execute lightning-quick 180ยบ turns and adjusts to their skill level.
My son loves riding around on this every chance he can get. A few of his friends want the Slither, because they see how much fun it is, and they have tried it out themselves.
As a parent, I love that the Pulse Slither is a great product, my son loves it, and it provides an opportunity for him to get out and enjoy the outdoors (plus getting some exercise). This is a great alternative to indoor video gaming this summer!
The Pulse Slither is the long-awaited follow up to last year’s hit ride-on toy, the Pulse Kick N’ Go. Bravo Sports CEO Tony Armand, the creative mind behind both scooters, adds “We are so excited about the arrival of the Slither. The Pulse extreme scooters offer more versatility, functionality and excitement than a traditional scooter and are great fun for kids of all ages and skill to ride. The feedback so far has been incredible! Once people get on a Slither, they don’t want to get off!!” For additional product information and to see the Pulse Slither in action, view photos and get a complete list of retailers, visit
About Bravo Sports
Bravo Sports, headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, California, is a global leader in the recreational and sporting goods markets. With offices, factories and warehouses in the United States, Italy, Thailand and China, the Company’s operations truly span the globe. Since 1965, Bravo has provided the highest quality and most innovative products to sports and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. With a stable of market-leading brands including Pulse™, Quik Shade™, Moto Shade™, Airzone™, Tony Hawk™, World Industries™, Kryptonics™, Hyper™ and Variflex™ to go along with industry leading licenses with outstanding partners like Nickelodeon and Mattel, Bravo consistently seeks to exceed the expectations of its consumers and customers alike. At Bravo, the goal is simple – to create simply the best products for price in the world.

I was contacted by Bravo Sports, who asked me for my participation in posting this information. I was sent a Pulse Slither to review in exchange for posting a review, and sent information to post with the review. I was not compensated for my time or written review. The opinions in this review are of my own.

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